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Paleogenomics with Dr. Carles Lalueza-Fox on the program Evoluciona de Tarragona Ràdio and IPHES

Evoluciona, la investigació sobre l'evolució humana, amb l'IPHES - Tarragona Ràdio

In this Evoluciona we have continued to talk about human evolution and specifically the Neanderthals and we have done so with a special guest: Dr. Carles Lalueza-Fox, director of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona and researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology of the CSIC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

It is one of the greatest international references in the recovery of DNA from the past, in phylogenetic reconstruction of extinct species and in evolutionary genetics.

His work on the Neanderthal genome based on the remains found in the El Sidrón site (Asturias) and his participation in the study led by Svante Pääbo, Nobel Prize in Medicine that same year, published in in 2010 in the journal Science where the presence of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans was demonstrated for the first time.

Paleogenomics with Dr. Carles Lalueza-Fox on the program Evoluciona de Tarragona Ràdio and IPHES

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